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        April 2020 - Volume 7, Issue 2      
Fair Housing: What's Your Safe Harbor?

Image of Fair Housing Act Design ManualAlthough compliance with the accessible design and construction requirements of the Fair Housing Act has significantly improved since the early 1990s when the regulations went into effect, owners, developers, architects, and others are still cited for failure to meet FHA requirements. Based on our experience, one of the contributing factors in continued noncompliance is the common misconception that following the accessibility requirements of a building code will result in compliance with the FHA. To avoid the risk of noncompliance, we recommend selecting one of the ten HUD-approved ‘safe harbors.’ Read about potential updates to the safe harbors list and some FHA requirements designers commonly miss when relying on the building code for accessibility compliance.
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The 3 Most Important Design and Construction Considerations for Senior Living Facilities

Image of Elderly Couple Walking and Holding HandsEvery day until 2030, 10,000 individuals will turn 65, which means they will likely be retiring and eventually considering how and where they want to age. There are a variety of different living options for seniors, from aging in place to long-term care facilities, and we highlight the top 3 factors to consider for design and construction.
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USGBC Launches New Residential Inclusive Design Pilot Credit

In January 2020, the LEED Steering Committee (LSC) approved a new Residential Inclusive Design pilot credit which applies to all LEED v4 and LEED v4.1 Residential and Multifamily Midrise projects. The newly approved residential pilot credit builds on the existing Inclusive Design pilot credit that applies to commercial buildings. The residential and commercial pilot credits go far beyond the minimum regulatory and technical requirements for accessible design and construction required by the building code and any federal, state, or local law. SWA and the USGBC are uniquely positioned to drive the connection between the green building movement and accessibility in an effort to create environments that support health and wellness and are welcoming to all.

The newly approved residential credit will soon be published on USGBC’s website. It was developed for the USGBC by SWA in collaboration with Cushman & Wakefield’s Todo Accesible program.
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In this unique and challenging time, we wanted to find some ways to foster comradery (one of our company principles) even when we can’t physically be in the same room, so we recruited all SWArriors to participate in a #HomeOffice contest! Here are some of the accessibility team member's work-from-home set ups..

 Image of Camilo's home desk


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