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        January 2021 - Volume 8, Issue 1      
Five Misconceptions About The Americans with Disabilities Act

Image of ADA SymbolsAlthough 2020 marked the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, our consultants find that there are still misconceptions about what the law requires for buildings and facilities. From “my project was built before the ADA so it doesn’t need to comply” to “I specified a product that said it was ADA-compliant, so I’m covered,” here are the top five most common misconceptions that we come across.
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Integrating Social Equity into Green Building – Part 3: Design, Construction, and Operations

Image of a construction workerIn part one of this blog series, we established that buildings are only sustainable if they are equitable and accessible for all occupants. In part two, we detailed how to apply these principles to the planning stages and provided resources for improving social outcomes in projects. In this third and final part of this series, we outline ways in which we can integrate principles of social equity into the design, construction, and operations phases.
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Designing for Inclusion with Victoria Lanteigne

Disability inclusion in the built environment is extremely important. But, it shouldn’t end there. How do we ensure that we are being truly inclusive of all types of people, taking into account a wider diversity of backgrounds, orientations, and abilities? The answer is Universal Design.

Image of Victoria LanteigneOn this episode of Building’s + Beyond, Robb chats with former SWA employee and Universal Design expert, Victoria Lanteigne. Victoria has devoted her career to the advancement of Universal Design, educating herself and others on the concept and its limitless applications. In her interview, she discusses trends, tactics, and examples from the field, and challenges practitioners to re-think their definition of the word, design.
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