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        Volume 22, Issues 7 & 8      
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Expanding the Application of Inclusive Design 

SWA’s Peter Stratton and VL Consulting's Victoria Lanteigne have spearheaded a collaboration between the two organizations to drive innovation and more widespread adoption of inclusive design principles. The two leaders previously integrated concepts of inclusive design into building rating systems through their contributions to the LEEDv4 Inclusive Design pilot credit and the WELLv2 Accessible and Universal Design feature. However, more work is needed to advance inclusive design from an optional subset of building rating standards to one that is required.

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SWA Awarded US EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Leader Award for Tenth Consecutive Year 

Steven Winter Associates, Inc. has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a recipient of the 2021 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award. This annual award recognizes market leading homebuilders and raters who promote safer, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environments by participating in this home labeling program, utilizing the Indoor airPLUS brand in their marketing, and educating the general public about the enhanced indoor air quality protections they offer to new home buyers.

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SWA’s Karla Butterfield and James Fera Recognized as Home Innovation 2020 NGBS Green Partners of Excellence 

Karla Butterfield, Sustainability Director at SWA, and James Fera, Sustainability Consultant at SWA, have both been named Home Innovation NGBS Green Partners of Excellence for 2020. Karla has also been named a Legacy Recipient for being recognized for five or more years.

Being among this elite group of green certification participants to be recognized validates the commitment they have both made to providing clients with increased value, professionalism, and relevance in the marketplace through third-party verification to the NGBS.


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The Devil's in the Details: Common Accessibility Oversights with Peter Stratton 

With all of the moving parts during the design and construction of a building, seemingly small, incorrect or missing details can compromise accessibility compliance.

On this episode, we welcome back SWA’s Managing Director of Accessibility Services, Peter Stratton. Peter describes the top 10 oversights made by project teams during the design and construction phases that typically lead to noncompliance with accessibility requirements. Learn why they happen, and how they can be identified and avoided in your project!

(ENCORE) Why is Kitchen Ventilation So Important? With Dr. Iain Walker from LBNL 

When you turn on a stove-top burner, whether it is electric, gas, or convection, many byproducts are released. This increase in moisture, gas, and other particulates is not only detrimental to the health of a building, but for human health as well..

We first spoke with Iain back in April 2019. Since then, the world has obviously changed. We checked-in with him again for an update on if, and how, the importance of ventilation has been impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Re-listen, or check out the episode for the first time, with some updates from Iain on the topic of kitchen ventilation and human health.

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Utilizing Enterprise Green Communities to Drive Equity in Affordable Housing 

Enterprise Green Communities (EGC) is one tool we use to drive green building efforts to affect populations most in need. As the program is tailored to fit Affordable Housing buildings and improve their tenants’ life and living conditions, EGC helps to rebalance equity throughout housing options.

One of our consultants who works frequently on EGC projects explains the ins, outs, and benefits of EGC certification to drive equity in green building and affordable housing projects.

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Staff Profile: Minaiel Shoaib, Building Systems Analyst 

The SWA Staff Spotlight series is intended to give our readers a peek behind the scenes at the talented individuals who have dedicated their careers to improving the built environment.

Our second staff profile in this series features Building System Analyst, Minaiel Shoaib, a member of our BODE (Buildings Operation, Decarbonization, and Efficiency) team. Minaiel is based out of our New York City office and has been at SWA for 1.5 years.

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Air-Source Heat Pumps in Homes: Step #1 – Be clear about goals 

Electrifying single-family homes is not necessarily straightforward, and what homeowners want can vary. It's important to consider and meet homeowners’ goals and desires when installing heat pumps in homes - satisfied customers lead to more customers. More customers mean greater acceptance of heat pumps. This is a win for contractors and electrification programs alike.

SWA Principal Mechanical Engineer, Robb Aldrich, explains what he sees as customer's top priorities and why they're so important to meet in order to electrify everything.

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Best Practices for Designing and Installing VRF Systems in Commercial and Multifamily Applications (Part 1) 

With LL97 fines around the corner, building owners and managers are looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To do so, building systems will need to rely on an increasingly green electric grid rather than fossil fuels.

And, as we look to electrify our buildings’ heating and cooling systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems have emerged as one solution. With buildings increasingly turning to this technology, we are sharing our current best practices for designing, installing, and operating VRF systems to help everyone — from design engineers and developers to installers and building operators — learn more about the nuances of VRF.

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