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December, 2016

        Volume 17, Issue 12      
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Oh, the Weather Inside is Frightful!

Wintertime in New York City: cold wind whips down the avenue and seems to follow you as you leave the frozen street and enter your building. The cold gust pulls the heat out of the lobby and even seems to follow you as you make your way up the building. The colder it gets outside, the worse it gets inside. But don't worry! It's 2016 and we have the technologies and expertise to better manage this all-too-common problem, but first we must examine what forces lay at the heart of the issue.
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Green Your Holidays

It is the time of year that we splurge, whether it is food, decorations, or gifts. And that’s the way it should be, but why not splurge sustainably? No, we are not saying be a Grinch and don’t eat, decorate or gift, but there are alternatives that add a whole lot of holiday cheer without emptying your pockets or negatively impacting the environment.
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1115 H Street – Transforming the Neighborhood with LEED Platinum

The newly constructed five-story mixed-use building located at 1115 H Street, NE is raising the bar with a LEED for Homes Platinum certification in the works. It is targeted to be the first mixed-use building to meet the highest threshold of LEED in DC.
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