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        April 2018 - Volume 5, Issue 2      

As part of Cooper Hewitt Lab’s Access Design Teen Program and the museum’s ongoing ‘Access+Ability’ exhibition, AIA NY’s Design for Aging Committee was invited to facilitate a workshop with high school students to explore challenges experienced by seniors and people with disabilities. Samuel Tellechea, Accessibility Consultant here at SWA, had the opportunity to attend the event.

Congratulations to SWA’s Harold Bravo, Accessibility Consulting Director, who has recently been appointed to Vice-Chair of the International Code Council’s (ICC) Accessibility Exam Development Committee (EDC). The committee is responsible for developing the exam standards for Accessibility Plans Inspectors/Examiners nationwide. To learn more about the ICC EDC, click here.

Objects projecting from walls or other fixed elements can pose a hazard to people with vision impairments. Any object that extends more than 4 inches into the circulation path between 27 and 80 inches above the floor is considered a protruding object and must be protected by a fixed barrier below the object. Read about some great accessible design solutions for protruding objects that our accessibility consultants have come across.

 Featured photo of Downtown Manhattan taken during an Accessibility inspection
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#SWARooftops view from Williamsburg on an Accessibility inspection
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