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March, 2019
        Volume 20, Issue 3      
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USGBC Announces Inclusive Design Pilot Credit Proposed by SWA  

The LEED rating system will now include an inclusive design pilot credit. The intrinsic connection between green building, health, and accessibility is what led SWA to propose this credit back in 2017. We are excited and proud of our contribution toward improving the LEED program with a more holistic approach to building design and construction.

Candela Lofts Honored by USGBC-NJ as LEED Project of the Year: Residential Passive House  

Candela Lofts, located in Hoboken, New Jersey, was awarded LEED Project of the Year in the Residential Passive House category by the USGBC-NJ Chapter. SWA is honored to have served on the project team for Candela Lofts, helping it to obtain this outstanding achievement in green building and sustainability.

  Image of Candela Lofts

Domestic moisture generation—moisture from human activity—is a major factor driving the humidity levels in our residential buildings, especially in super air-tight, Passive House construction.
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Benefits of Water Metering and Water Monitoring 

Water monitoring can quickly become a building owner’s best friend. The high cost of water bills can often overshadow the cost of fuel and electricity bills, but ownership and management often believe that the price of their water bill is simply something to deal with. In reality, water monitoring can serve as an important tool that has the potential to identify costly and pervasive leaks in a building.

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Coda on H: Distinctive Urban Living in a Building that Inspires
Washington, DC

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MRP Realty; Kruger Real Estate; 315 H, LLC

SWA Services:
Sustainability Consulting;
Accessibility Plan Review;
LEED Inspections & Testing;
Mechanical Systems Commissioning

Building Size:
109,000 sf; 8 stories; 112 units

LEED® for Homes™ 2010 Multifamily Mid-rise Silver

Efficient Domestic Hot Water Delivery
Online Webinar

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Montgomery County Energy Summit
Silver Spring, MD

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Effective Enclosure Design Strategies
4.9, 4.10, 4.11
DC, MD, & PA

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New York State Green Building Conference
4.17 - 4.18 
Syracuse, NY

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Green Building United Sustainability Symposium
Philadelphia, PA

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Fundamentals of Passive House Workshop
West Hartford, CT

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