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Accessibility Newsletter
        July 2017 - Volume 4, Issue 3      

195 Broadway, an historic Manhattan site owned by L&L Holdings, was named a recipient of the 2017 Excelsior Award and the 2017 NYCxDESIGN Award by The American Institute of Architects New York State (AIANYS) and Interior Design Magazine. Steven Winter Associates provided accessibility consulting to the project's Design Architect, Gabellini Sheppard.

"Isn't Universal Design just a different term for Accessible Design?" We hear this from architects and designers a lot. While similarities exist, Accessible Design and Universal Design are actually quite different.

Follow SWA Accessibility Specialist Camilo Vasquez as he walks us through Medellin's transformation from one of the world's most dangerous cities, to one of the world's most innovative cities. Camilo recounts the extensive upgrades that have been made to the city's transit system and contemplates the use of infrastructure as a tool for inclusion.

The SWA family together in NYC for our annual company meeting.
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