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Accessibility Newsletter
        October 2017 - Volume 4, Issue 4      

The number of multifamily residential projects targeting Passive House certification has been rising steadily over the past several years, bringing along many exciting challenges. This has been especially prevalent in New York City, where increasingly stringent energy standards and a desire for innovation have made designing to Passive House standards an attractive goal. As the number of these projects passing through our office continues to grow, we have discovered some important overlaps with one of our other consulting services – Accessibility Compliance.

SWA’s team of accessibility consultants has been encountering more and more specialty rooms and features that bring accessibility into question. While current accessibility laws and codes remain silent on many of these types of spaces specifically, they are not exempt from accessibility requirements.

Join SWArrior Katie Chevalier as she works through a variety of simulated sensory and ambulatory challenges in an experiential learning course. While several laws and their associated technical standards have played a major role in ensuring equal access for all, Katie is exposed to the limitations that designing to the minimum requirements can still impose.

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SWA's Victoria Lanteigne with speakers from the first annual Accessible Design Forum of Washington
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