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September, 2017
        Volume 18, Issue 9      
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Harvey and Irma: Hurricanes, Floods, and the Days After 

Though hurricane winds can be deadly and destructive, it is typically the associated water that causes the most physical damage. It is important that we move quickly in flood damaged buildings as we contend with the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. SWA’s guidebook for rehabilitating flooded homes can help professionals and capable homeowners to safely and successfully make the necessary repairs.  

By 2050, solar energy is projected to be the world’s largest source of electricity, and it would hardly be reasonable to do so by means of blanketing entire stretches of usable or natural lands with sheets of silicon. Instead, part of the solution lies in designing solar for high density areas, which is quickly becoming the backbone of the solar boom, providing access to, and availability of, solar energy in densely populated areas.

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520 West 28th Street is a new luxury multifamily high-rise building in the West Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, located directly beside the High Line elevated park. Owned by The Related Companies, the  building is home to 39 unique residential units and features a variety of luxurious and artistic amenities. The high-rise is one of the final structures designed by pioneering architect, Zaha Hadid. SWA provided comprehensive accessibility services including plan reviews, field inspections and technical assistance for this project.
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