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April, 2017

        Volume 18, Issue 4      
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Moderate Rehabs in Pre-War Buildings: Practical Limits to Hydronic Building Energy Savings

NYC aims to reduce its CO2 production by 80% by 2050 (from a 2005 baseline). Goals can only be met by implementing repeatable and scalable scopes of work in coordination with policy updates and improvements in other energy sectors. To better understand the efficacy of these moderate improvements on overall energy consumption, we've analyzed the results from a recent portfolio rehabilitation. These findings help us to create a map of where we need to go in order to approach 80 x 50.
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Replacing Indian Point

Under an agreement reached earlier this year between New York state officials and Entergy, the Indian Point Energy Center could be shut down as early as April 2021. The big question going forward is what will replace the 2,000 MW of electricity currently being provided to the downstate region by Indian Point. This energy gap will occur just as New York State is working to meet Governor Cuomo’s goal of having renewable energy account for half of the electricity delivered by utilities in New York by 2030.
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Sugar Hill: A Child-Friendly Mixed-Use Building

Broadway Housing Communities’ Sugar Hill development on St. Nicholas Avenue and 155th Street is a mixed-use building consisting of Affordable Housing, a Children’s Museum, an Early Childhood Center, and non-profit offices. SWA worked as the LEED®, Energy Modeling and Commissioning consultant.
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