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Join SWA at the BuildingEnergy 15 Conference & Tradeshow March 3 - 5, in Boston. BuildingEnergy 15 is the Northeast's premier gathering for sustainable design, high performance building, and renewable energy professionals. Produced by volunteer members of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), 3,500+ gather to discuss sustainability in the built environment. Attendees span all sectors of the building & energy industries so you can ask tough questions, get honest answers, and strengthen your practice. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available.

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Catch a SWA Speaker at BE Boston 15!

Heather Nolen
- Multifamily Diagnostics and Solutions| March 3rd, 9:00am
- Lessons from Scandinavia Part 1 | March 5th, 10:30am
- Lessons from Scandinavia Part 2 | March 5th, 2:00pm
Karla Donnelly
- Net-Zero Summit: Residential Project Highlights | March 4th, 11:00am
Robb Aldrich
- Is It All Hot Air: Ventilating Homes, Why? How Much? How? | March 4th, 2:00pm
- How to Heat Water in All-Electric Homes and Apartments | March 4th, 4:00pm
Marc Zuluaga
- Multifamily Ventilation 302 | March 5th, 2:00pm

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